What is outdoor shower? 6 best types of outdoor shower.

An outdoor shower is a shower installed outside of a building, typically in a backyard or near a pool or beach house. Outdoor showers offer several benefits:

  • Allow rinsing off sand, chlorine, or lake water after swimming without tracking it into the house.
  • Provide a refreshing way to shower in the fresh air and natural surroundings.
  • Can be a luxurious addition to a backyard, increasing the value of a home.
  • Offer a convenient way to rinse off before entering a pool Outdoor showers come in many styles, from rustic cedar enclosures to modern minimalist designs. They can be freestanding or attached to the exterior of a home. Some key features include:
  • Cedar or other weather-resistant wood construction Trellis or gazebo roofs for shade and privacy Copper, stainless steel, or other durable fixtures Benches, hooks, and shelves for towels and toiletries.
  • Drainage systems to prevent pooling With some basic plumbing work, an outdoor shower can be added to many homes. Pre-made kits are also available for easy installation. Outdoor showers are a popular addition to homes with pools, near beaches, or in warm climates.
Outdoor Shower

Having an outdoor shower offers various benefits that can enhance your home and lifestyle. Here are some key advantages of having an outdoor shower based on the provided sources:

An outdoor shower allows you to rinse off dirt, sand, or mud before entering your home, preventing mess and maintaining cleanliness indoors.

It provides an easy way to bathe pets without creating a mess inside your home, keeping your bathroom clean and free of pet hair.

On hot days, an outdoor shower offers a refreshing way to cool down and relax, providing a peaceful and rejuvenating experience.

If you have a pool, an outdoor shower helps wash off chlorine after swimming, avoiding the need to bring chlorine indoors and keeping your home cleaner.

Installing an outdoor shower can increase the value of your property, offering an additional practical and luxurious feature that can attract potential buyers.

It is a convenient way for guests to shower after a day in the pool, ensuring they stay clean without tracking water and dirt through your home.

An outdoor shower simplifies rinsing off pets after outdoor activities, preventing muddy paw prints inside the house.

It brings a touch of luxury to your home, offering a spa-like experience that can be enjoyed daily. 

For gardeners or those involved in outdoor activities, an outdoor shower provides a quick and refreshing way to clean up after working in the yard.

It allows for pre and post-swim rinsing, keeping contaminants out of the pool and ensuring a clean and refreshing experience.

Overall, having an outdoor shower can improve hygiene, convenience, and the overall enjoyment of your outdoor space, making it a valuable addition to your home.

Outdoor Shower
Outdoor Shower

There are several types of outdoor showers to choose from, each with its own unique features and benefits:

Handheld showers are the most common type of exterior shower.

They are typically made of plastic or metal and have a hose that attaches to your water supply. After spending the day in the dirt or sand, handheld showers are a great way to freshen up.

Another well-liked kind of outdoor shower is the freestanding shower. They are typically made of metal or plastic and come with their own base. After spending a day at the lake or pool, freestanding showers are a terrific way to freshen off. Wall-Mounted Showers.

An uncommon kind of outdoor shower is the wall-mounted shower. They are mounted to an outside wall and typically have a hose that attaches to your water supply. Wall-mounted showers are great for washing off after a day in the garden or yard.

Solar-powered outdoor shower kits use solar panels to power the water heater, allowing you to enjoy a hot shower without using any electricity. Some solar-powered kits also come with a storage tank so you can use the shower even on cloudy days.

Portable outdoor shower kits include a shower head, a pump, and a rechargeable battery, so you can enjoy a refreshing shower anywhere you go. They are great for camping trips or days at the beach.

Deluxe outdoor shower kits come with a variety of high-end features such as multiple shower heads, built-in benches, and custom finishes. They can be made from materials like stainless steel, wood, or stone.

DIY outdoor shower kits come with all the necessary parts and instructions, allowing you to build your own custom outdoor shower. You can choose your own materials and customize the design to fit your unique style. The type of outdoor shower you choose will depend on your needs, budget, and personal preferences. Consider factors such as location, materials, and special features when making your selection.

Outdoor Shower
Outdoor Shower

When designing an outdoor shower, there are several important considerations to keep in mind to ensure functionality, aesthetics, and practicality. Here are some key design considerations based on the provided sources:

Before starting the design process, consider how you will use your outdoor shower as this will influence the design and material selection.

Choose a suitable location for your outdoor shower based on your desired use. Consider placing it along the side of the home, adjacent to a bedroom, near a cabana, workshop, boat dock, or any other convenient spot. Ensure there is an accessible pathway to the shower to prevent muddy feet after use.

Consider the proximity to existing plumbing lines when deciding on the shower location to minimize installation costs. Ensure proper drainage by installing a shower drain or creating a slope for water runoff.

Take privacy into account when designing your outdoor shower. Assume that guests will prefer showering behind a privacy screen. Consider using slatted wood, reed screens, hedges, or other natural elements to create privacy walls.

Select materials that are weather-resistant and approved for outdoor use to withstand the elements. Opt for non-slip tiles, pressure-treated wood, stone, and natural plantings for flooring and privacy walls. Choose materials that feel comfortable, such as wood decking for a cooler feel in hot weather.

Use durable and weather-resistant fixtures like marine-grade stainless steel for hardware and shower heads to prevent tarnishing. Ensure good air circulation to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Include practical features in your design, such as a place to store shampoo, soap, and towels. Consider adding a bench, hooks, or shelves for convenience. Ensure the design meets your daily bathing needs and preferences.

Explore various design options to complement your home and landscape. Incorporate natural materials and plants to blend the outdoor shower seamlessly into your backyard. Consider adding features like bathtubs for a spa-like atmosphere.

By considering these design aspects, you can create a functional, stylish, and enjoyable outdoor shower that meets your needs and enhances your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Shower
Outdoor Shower

Maintaining an outdoor shower is crucial to ensure cleanliness, prevent mold and mildew growth, and protect the pipes from freezing. Here are the key maintenance requirements based on the provided sources:

Wet areas are breeding grounds for mold and mildew, so keep the shower area as dry as possible It can be beneficial to install your outdoor shower in an area with direct sunshine. Otherwise, dry it off by hand.

Because it’s outdoors, expect dust, dirt, and debris in your shower. These substances, if not handled carefully, might clog a drain. Use a leaf blower or broom to keep the space tidy. Use household cleaning products for a more thorough cleaning, and to prevent mold and mildew formation.

Water pipes that are left exposed to freezing temperatures may freeze and shatter. Water damage or pricey plumbing repairs could arise from this. Before winter, drain the water from any exposed pipes and cover them with an electric heat cable to keep them warm.

Ensure the drain is clear of debris and functioning properly to prevent water accumulation, which can lead to mold and mildew growth.

Choose materials that are weather-resistant and approved for outdoor use to withstand the elements. Opt for non-slip tiles, pressure-treated wood, stone, and natural plantings for flooring and privacy walls.

Use durable and weather-resistant fixtures like marine-grade stainless steel for hardware and shower heads to prevent tarnishing. Make sure there is adequate airflow to stop the growth of mold and mildew.

Outdoor showers and baths often don’t need complex drainage systems, especially if you’ll only be bathing outdoors occasionally. However, repeatedly bathing into your yard or draining a bath can lead to issues, so it’s advisable to see a specialist.

For more complex plumbing or drainage systems, consult a plumber or landscape designer for advice on your specific house and garden setup. By following these maintenance requirements, you can ensure your outdoor shower remains clean, functional, and safe to use throughout the year.

Outdoor Shower

Here are some great outdoor shower ideas to consider for your backyard or beach house:

A rustic outdoor shower made from cedar wood with a trellis-style roof, built-in bench, and copper fixtures has a luxurious yet natural feel.

. The warm wood tones contrast nicely with the greenery.

Outdoor showers can be built into tall textured stucco or brick walls for a more permanent, architectural look. White brick walls give a clean, modern aesthetic when paired with tropical plants.

Adding a backsplash of colorful patterned tiles, like blue and white zellige, makes a chic design statement in an otherwise simple outdoor shower. Pair with wood slat floors for drainage.

Building a pergola or trellis over the shower provides shade and a sense of enclosure. The dappled light filtering through is beautiful at any time of day. Climbing vines add a lush, romantic touch.

Attaching an outdoor shower to the exterior of your home or pool house is practical from a plumbing standpoint. It can be finished in the same siding to blend in when not in use.

A freestanding outdoor shower with privacy walls made of wood slats, reed, or stone creates a more private, spa-like experience. Opt for weather-resistant materials like teak or cedar.

Incorporate reclaimed wood boards and a leaning ladder for holding towels and suits to add character to a rustic wall-mounted outdoor shower. Repurposed materials give it a charming, vintage vibe.

For a quick, easy outdoor shower, a portable unit that hooks up to a garden hose is a great option. Look for weather-resistant wood construction and a built-in water heater for comfort. No matter the style, key features to include are a convenient shelf for toiletries, a towel bar or hooks, and a handheld shower head for rinsing off pets.

With some creativity, an outdoor shower can be a luxurious and functional addition to your backyard oasis.

Outdoor Shower
Outdoor Shower

Some of the most popular brands for outdoor showers include:

Known for their insulated water bottles, Hydro Flask stood out on TikTok this year with a high engagement rate and follower growth.

A top-performing fishing brand on social media, ranking 4th overall.

Another popular cooler and drink-ware brand that ranked 5th overall.

The well-known outdoor apparel company ranked 6th overall and 5th on TikTok.

The top bike brand on TikTok, ranking 7th overall.

The climbing gear brand ranked 2nd for total engagement and 9th overall.

A popular sunglasses brand that ranked 10th overall.

Some more popular brands of outdoor showers include:

  1. Freedom
  2. Zippity Outdoor Products
  3. Speakman
  5. Poolmaster
  6. Homewerks
  7. Almost Heaven Saunas
  8. Designer Collection
  9. AquaStyle

These brands offer a variety of outdoor shower options, from basic and affordable kits to high-end, modern stainless steel models, catering to different preferences and budgets.

These are  some of the most popular outdoor gear and apparel companies that likely offer or inspire outdoor shower products and designs. Brands like Patagonia, Hydro Flask, and Yeti have a strong presence in the outdoor lifestyle space.

  • Keeps dirt, sand, mud, and pet hair outside instead of tracking it into your home
  • Allows you to rinse off after swimming in a pool or the ocean before going inside
  • Offers a cool way to relieve heat on hot days.
  • Gives you a place to bathe pets without making a mess indoors
  • Can add value to your home
  • Handheld showers with a hose that attach to a water supply
  • Freestanding showers with their own base
  • Wall-mounted showers that attach to an exterior wall
  • Solar-powered showers that heat water using solar panels
  • Portable showers that are self-contained and can be moved around
  • Deluxe showers with high-end features like multiple shower heads and built-in benches
  • DIY kits that allow you to build your own custom outdoor shower
  • Consider how you will use the shower to determine the design and materials
  • Choose a convenient location with access to plumbing and proper drainage
  • Incorporate privacy features like screens, walls, or landscaping Select weather-resistant materials like wood, tile, stone, or stucco
  • Include practical features like shelves, hooks, and benches
  • Customize the design to complement your home and landscape
  • Freedom
  • Zippity Outdoor Products
  • Speakman
  • Poolmaster
  • Homewerks
  • Almost Heaven Saunas
  • Designer Collection
  • AquaStyle
  • Keep the area as dry as possible to prevent mold and mildew
  • Clean regularly with a broom and household cleaners
  • Protect pipes from freezing in cold weather by draining water
  • Inspect and clean the drain periodically Use weather-resistant materials approved for outdoor useClean and maintain fixtures to prevent tarnishing
  • Consider drainage and consult a plumber if needed

The cost of an outdoor shower can vary widely depending on the type, materials, and features:

  • Basic handheld or freestanding kits start around $200-$500
  • Wall-mounted showers and more elaborate kits range from $500-$2000
  • Custom built-in showers with high-end finishes can cost $3000 or more
  • Solar-powered and portable options are typically $500-$1000

Whether an outdoor shower can be used year-round depends on the climate and some design considerations:

  • In warm climates, an outdoor shower can be used comfortably year-round
  • In cold climates, measures need to be taken to protect pipes from freezing in winter
  • Enclosing the shower with walls and a roof can extend the usable season
  • Using a solar-powered or tankless water heater allows for warm showers in cooler weather
  • Whether a permit is needed for an outdoor shower depends on local building codes and regulations
  • Freestanding or portable showers that don’t require plumbing work likely don’t need a permit
  • Built-in showers that involve plumbing and drainage work may require a permit
  • Check with your local building department to determine if a permit is needed for your specific project

The installation process varies depending on the type of outdoor shower:

  • Freestanding and portable showers are the easiest to install, often just requiring assembly and connecting to a hose
  • Wall-mounted and built-in showers require more extensive plumbing work to connect to your home’s water supply and drainage system
  • For built-in showers, you’ll need to run new plumbing lines, install a drain, and build a structure to house the shower
  • It’s recommended to hire a plumber for built-in showers to ensure proper installation and prevent leaks

There are many creative ways to design an outdoor shower:

  • Use natural materials like wood, stone, or bamboo for a rustic look
  • Incorporate a trellis or pergola roof for shade and a romantic feel
  • Attach the shower to your home or pool house for convenience
  • Build a freestanding enclosure with privacy walls for a spa-like experience
  • Use reclaimed or repurposed materials for a unique, vintage vibe
  • Pair with lush landscaping and tropical plants for a tropical oasis.

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